​Unima Korea

The goal of UNIMA KOREA is to contribute to the globalization of Korean puppet theater by serving as a platform for international exchange of members, supporting festivals, researching, and fostering professional education for puppet theater development in accordance with the founding purpose of the Union Internationale de la Marionette (hereafter UNIMA).

Once every four years, UNIMA gathers over 100 member countries and selects the city that will host the UNIMA CONGRESS by election. UNIMA KOREA is preparing to host the 2024 UNIMA General Assembly in Chuncheon.

* UNIMA(Union Internationale de la Marionnette)

Established in 1929, UNIMA is a private international puppet theater organization affiliated with UNESCO and holds a congress and world puppet festival every four years.

Each member country promotes the development of world puppet theater by transforming and recreating traditional puppet theater through their own culture into modern puppet theater. Through this, each member is committed to international exchange.
Anyone interested in puppet theater, including puppet theater, can become a member.

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Hosted an online forum for ‘discovering a model for an Asian Puppetry School’ on December 19th

Suggestions for the role of the Startup Support Center specialized..

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<Puppet Theater Direct Mentoring> Program

The <Puppet Theater Direct Mentor-ing> program is UNIMA KOREA's first creative support (incubating) projec..


Planning and support for the 2nd half of 2020(10th) Puppet..

The second half of this year's pupp-et theater academy consists of inte-nsive classes for physical training...



Vitalizing puppetry performers and puppet theater networks


Strengthening domestic cooperation between puppet theater festivals


Supporting education for professional puppet theaters through academies, seminars, and forums


Promoting puppet theater by forming a community between individual members and groups in Korea


Promoting international exchange with overseas puppet theater groups


We sincerely welcome all of you to the UNIMA KOREA website.


UNIMA is the acronym for Union Internationale de la Marionnette and was founded on May 20, 1929 in Prague, Czech Republic. This organization aims for puppetry art without discrimination to race, politics and religion.


UNIMA was established to promote mutual understanding and contribute to world peace for all people through puppetry. It is the world's oldest international performing arts organization in the world and is a non-governmental organization that cooperates with UNESCO.


The members of UNIMA consist of more than 100 countries and they vote every four years to select the city to hold the UNIMA CONGRESS.


UNIMA KOREA established a Korean branch of UNIMA in Seoul in 1979 and was registered as a social organization. In June of 2020 UNIMA KOREA established a new branch in Chuncheon.


In accordance with the purpose of UNIMA, UNIMA KOREA will strive to provide education and guidance for the development of puppet theater, and contribute to the active exchange among its members and the vitalization of international exchange with UNIMA Centers around the world.


UNIMA KOREA will share information regarding its current situation and trends in Korea and abroad to galvanize Korean puppetry and actively share and communicate with the international puppetry community.



We ask for your active encouragement and support for UNIMA KOREA’S activities.



Chairman of UNIMA KOREA

Unima Korea is operated with valuable support from members.
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* Cancellation and postponement of the first half of the year's projects due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Dec, 19th

Held the “Asia Puppetry Academy Model Discovery” forum

Oct - Dec

Planning and operating of Creative Support Project (directing mentoring) to vitalize domestic puppet shows


UNIMA CONGRESS in Indonesia postponed for one year (to be held in 2021)

Feb - Apr

Campaign to host the UNIMA CONGRESS 2024 in Chuncheon


Preparing for the establishment of a puppet theater school and holding an international puppet theater forum to revitalize the UNIMA KOREA network.



중국 베이징 타이후(Taihu) 인형극 축제 - 한중일 포럼


사단법인 유니마코리아 창립총회


춘천<인형극 아카데미> 해외그림자극강사 초청, 교육프로그램 주관



중국유니마센터 랑중(Langzhong) 인형극축제 쇼케이스 및 세미나 참여


춘천인형극제 30회 기념 국제컨퍼런스 개최

인형극의 예술적 가치와 아시아 인형극학교의 필요성 컨퍼런스 개최 

춘천 코코바우 아트마켓 “국제교류의 밤‘개최


독일 보흠(Bohum) 국제 유니마 이사회 참여

Jul - Aug

Donated custom-made face masks to thirteen countries of UNIMA to form an international network with UNIMA allied countries.


UNIMA KOREA's first regular general meeting

UNIMA KOREA Executive office open (In the Chuncheon Theater)


중국유니마센터 제6회 취안저우 국제인형극 페스티벌 참여(한국팀 초청)

Aug - Oct

Participated in ‘The Puppetry Theatre Showcase of China, Japan and Korea’ in Yangzhou, the Culture City of East Asia 2020





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