Education and research

We contribute to the development of puppet theater through domestic and international education and research activities related to puppet theater.

Our  Projects  and  Activities


Participation in the International Puppet Show Forum abroad and in Korea


Publication of a puppet play newsletter, a newspaper and a magazine 


Development and distribution of puppetry education by and for professional puppeteers.


Discover, nurture, and support professional puppeteers

2020 puppetry education and research project

<Puppet Theater Direct Mentoring> Program

The <Puppet Theater Direct Mentoring> program is UNIMA KOREA's first creative support (incubating) project. From a long-term perspective, this program reinforces an environment of puppetry creation. It builds a collaboration system by matching artists from different fields such as stage production, lighting, sound, playwriting, sculpture, media arts, and critique. 

Planning and support for the 2nd half of 2020 (10th) Puppetry Expert Academy Program

The second half of this year's puppet theater academy consisted of intensive classes for physical training of puppet performers.

Hosted an online forum for ‘discovering a model for an Asian Puppetry School’ on December 19th (Subtitle: Suggestions for the role of the Startup Support Center specialized in puppet theater)

Venue: Chuncheon Puppet Theater
Date: 2020.12.19 (Sat)
Purpose: A domestic forum to prepare for the establishment of a puppetry school and revitalize the Unima Korea network

Preparation for the establishment of Chuncheon Puppet Theater Specialized Startup Center ( including 'Chuncheon Puppet Theater School')

We are preparing to establish a Puppet Theater-Specialized Start-up Support Center to cultivate puppetry specialists and to hold the world puppetry UNIMA CONGRESS.

This is expected to be completed by the end of 2021.