<Puppet Theater Direct Mentoring> Program


○ Mentor
-Kim Tae Yong (Representative of the Company Cart Stage)
-Yoo Hong-young (Representative of 'the Company Ladder')

○ Target
Puppeteer and person who is interested in puppetry ( puppetry theater and individual)

○ Content
-Matching directing mentors (Kim Tae-yong, Yoo Hong-young) and 7 companies (or individuals)
-Mentor, Kim Tae-yong (3 teams): Held once a week at Chuncheon Puppet Theater 'Sky Theater’
-Mentor, Yoo Hong-young (4 teams): Online and off-line mentoring

○ Organizer

○ Venue
Online (Zoom) │ Offline (Chuncheon Puppet Theater Museum 2F ‘Sky Theater’)

○ Period
2020.9.28.(Mon) ~ 12.19.(Sat) │ During the period, mentoring date, time, and place are autonomous

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Education and research

We contribute to the development of puppet theater through domestic and international education and research activities related to puppet theater.